'EXNetworks' and 'EXM' to split by 2024

EXNetworks and EXM will officially split from each other and operate as separate divisions by 2024.

EXM launched in November 2021, replacing EXMusic, while both focus on music, EXM focuses a lot more on pop culture and lifestyles. Since its launch, EXM's online engagements have grown by triples and has become a success for LC Entertainment.

As a result, The LC Company has announced that EXM will become its own until under LC Entertainment and operate on its own terms. For now, EXM will still operate under EXNetworks to help grow its engagements and get it noticed by more viewers, but LC is hoping that by 2024, it will be successful enough to stand on its own.

The two businesses are set to split from each other by 2024, but it could come sooner depending on EXM's continuous growth. When split, EXM will operate under its own company name, have all of its content removed from the EXNetworks website/platforms and be moved to its own separate entity. There are even talks for EXM to launch its own international networks over the world.

For the time being EXNetworks and EXM will continue to work together to produce original series like the upcoming Space Vibes and Stock Footage Music Video Syndrome and may be open to producing more shows in the future, but we'll know more closer to the split.

In the meantime, EXNetworks and EXM will continue to work and operate with each other and you can still watch EXM content here on exnetworks.tv

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