Stock Footage Syndrome renewed for fourth and fifth season; sets premiere for special and spin-off

EX has renewed its hit series, Stock Footage Syndrome, for a fourth and fifth season. The series has been a major success for EXNetworks across the board, between the series, its spin-off series SFS: Uncut, the upcoming special, spin-off and film in development, the series is planned to stay on for a long time.

The series is currently on its third season, which will conclude next year. With its current and upcoming season, Stock Footage Syndrome will remain in production through 2023.

The renewal comes from the series being the network's highest rated series of all time since launch, effectively become the network's flagship series, its spin-off series SFS: Uncut has also been performing well on EX21.

It's next spin-off series, "Stock Footage Music Video Syndrome" will premiere this January during the main series' mid-season hiatus, also premiering during its hiatus, a new special, "Stock Footage Syndrome: The Grand Adventure", a 25 minute special that will premiere exclusively on the new EXPremium service on January 14, 2021, before coming to EX sometime afterwards.

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