The LC Company planning to acquire EXNetworks

JTOONSSTUDIOS is continuing to shrink down its company even more. After selling off Wednesday Pants in 2018, the company shrunk its operations to primarily the EXNetworks.

After acquiring "Promos & Bumpers & More" in 2017, the company rebranded it in 2018 as EntertainmentX and later introduced spin-off channels, EXFamily and EXMusic later in the year, officially naming the channels as "EXNetworks".

But after two years with the business, JTOONSSTUDIOS is planning to sell the business.

"EXNetworks has grown over the past few years, JTOONSSTUDIOS has not. Our company is planning to start over and grow properly, and in doing that we are considering selling off EXNetworks".

The LC Company or simply LC, is a new company that was founded by one of the founder of JTOONSSTUDIOS. It currently operates LCC, Mixed Media Inc, and 30% of Studio EX

In this acquisition, The LC Company will have full control of the EXNetworks and its respective studios, Studio EX and 21 Studios. They will also own the intellectual properties to all of its original series. The JTOONSSTUDIOS owned company, JTOONSANIMATION, will continue to produce its original animated series including LJ's World, Further Adventures of the Princess and select episodes of ToonThirty.

The LC Company and it's subsidiaries are already producing shows for EXNetworks including The Fuzzly's, Swim and more.

As part of the new JTOONSSTUDIOS, it will operate as a smaller business, using JTOONSANIMATION as its main animation output and will launch JTOONSTV, which the LC Company will have a 20% stake in.

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